10/2/2014: Thursday

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Skill: Rope Climbs

WOD: For Time

25 – Burpee Box Jump Over

1 – Rope Climb

20 – BBJO

2 – Rope Climb

15 – BBJO

3 – Rope Climb

10 – BBJO

4 – Rope Climb

5 – BBJO

5 – Rope Climb

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9/27/14: Saturday Wod at 10am only no open gym


Regular wod is at 10am

CrossFit Total Control is Hosting their annual Bike and Booze at the beach bars. Feel free to come and meet the other box members. Because now there are 2 locations, you can also wod at CFTC at 10am and stay at the beach.

Start time is 1pm at the lemon bar, see the private members page on facebook for itinerary.